One bad apple spoils the bunch: Don’t group all Christians together


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Youth Group is a place where young Christians often gather to further develop their relationship with God.

Parker Ramey, Guest Opinion Writer

In most instances, one person can ruin things for everyone, and the reputation of religion is no exception. Christianity is sometimes portrayed intolerant and discriminative in the media, especially when people use it as a reason to justify their outrageous actions. Although some Christians are like this, as well as all people, the majority are more accepting and open-minded.

Christianity is founded on these basic principles: love God, love your neighbor as yourself, forgive others who have wronged you, love your enemies, ask God for the forgiveness of your sins, and don’t be hypocritical. Most Christians would likely agree that those ideals are the foundation of the religion. However, beginning with the same foundation does not always result in the same growth. A builder may start with the same base each time, but that doesn’t mean all the houses will look the same. Christianity is the same in the sense that all have the same basic foundation. However, how each Christian applies their beliefs in their lives is different.

In modern society, there is an obsession with grouping people together, it could be gender, political parties, racial profiling, or any other variation. With any opinion, the most vocal people are usually the ones who are trying to force their views on you. This explains why non-Christians tend to think all Christians judge others simply because they don’t believe in the same principles. Most times, Christians aren’t trying to force anything on you; they are just trying to help educate people on their religion and help clear their name. For perspective, Christianity is the largest and most widely spread religion in the world. That being said, I’m not saying they’re oppressed or that they need any particularly special attention. All I am saying is that lumping all Christians into one group is ignorant, as is doing it to any group.

On the flip side, I understand why Christians are painted in a bad light. People often use their religion to excuse their disgusting behavior, whether it’s being homophobic, or just judging people for their decisions/actions? in general. Using your religion to justify your wrongdoings isn’t acceptable.

The Bible is full of metaphors and other figurative languages, which means the Bible can be seen from many different perspectives. Every Christian has their own interpretation of the scripture, so this proves one Christian’s thoughts don’t speak for everyone’s. Just like how it’s not fair to judge all liberals or conservatives by their most extreme caricatures, it’s not fair to assume all Christians have the same ideals. The Bible has been translated so many times, in reality, half of the things written in it isn’t exactly what was originally said; this is mostly why people have their own interpretations. The Bible is meant to be used as a general form of guidance, not for someone to follow every little thing — although some do, most don’t. Something a lot of younger people say is “why would I go to church to be told what to do?” The right church shouldn’t make you feel like this; you should feel accepted, not judged. Like most places, your church experience can widely vary, and picking the right one is like picking the right gym, doctor, or college. The right fit can make all the difference.

Instead of giving Christians a stereotype and a bad reputation, try and look at the bigger picture and realize everyone’s different. Make sure you are staying open-minded on topics and issues before making assumptions.