Spring Sports Blurbs

Janie Peterson, Sports Writer

Men’s Soccer
Head Coach: Jeffrey Williams
First Game: Jan. 21 at home vs. High Point Central
Team Strength: A wide age range with experienced seniors as well as first-time varsity players.
Team Motto: Together.
Pregame Ritual: Cheer- 1…2…3…West!, 4…5…6…Together!
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “I look forward to being around the guys and having each other to lean on during these times. Cherishing every training and game we have together will be important for us to maintain our season.”

Men’s Lacrosse
Head Coach: Jake Burcaw
First Game: Jan. 25 at Grimsley
Team Strength: Support of each other and willingness to help fellow teammates. They wanted to see everyone improve both their individual skills and see the team improve as a whole.
Team Motto: INTENSITY.
Pregame Ritual: Coach Jake hypes up the team.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “Motivation is only a temporary mindset. You need to have the internal DRIVE to want to constantly push yourself and succeed on the field and in life.”

Women’s Lacrosse
Head Coach: Douglas Brawley
First Game: Jan. 25 at Northern Guilford
Team Strength: A lot of players are returning, providing the leadership needed to stay focused. These girls never quit.
Team Motto: No rolls, just toast- while this phrase will mean nothing to people not on the team, it reinforces the importance of playing as a team and not focusing on the individual.
Pregame Ritual: Team dinner before the game.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “We are never out of a game, no matter what the odds.”

Head Coach: Adrian Snow
First Game: Feb. 19 at home vs. Southwest Guilford
Team Strength: Offensive Line and Defensive Back 7.
Team Motto: Humble and hungry.
Pregame Ritual: “Husker Prayer” in the locker room.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “LEO (love each other).”

Head Coach: Kevin Baity
First Game: March 9 at home vs. Northwest Guilford
Team Strength: Experience- the majority of last year’s team is returning with a lot of senior leadership and experience.
Team Motto: Play hard, play fair, have fun.
Pregame Ritual: Warm-up on the field and get ready for the game behind the fence.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “Every game could be the last game, so make every single play, pitch, and hit count.”

Women’s Soccer
Head Coach: Scott Bilton
First Game: March 10 at home vs. Northwest Guilford
Team Strength: Experienced returning players who have a determination to win and push each other to the highest levels they can achieve on and off the field. Strength and balance in all areas of the game.
Team Motto: Be present in the moment.
Pregame Ritual: The day before game day, everyone takes turns throughout the season leading a dance before practice.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “Don’t get too high on the highs and too low on the lows.”

Men’s Tennis
Head Coach: Sara Cranford
First Match: March 15 at home vs. East Forsyth
Team Strength: Unity- they sincerely cheer for and support each other in a way that is critical for the team.
Team Motto: Play smart.
Pregame Ritual: Warm-up and eat some snacks.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “Play your hardest and don’t beat yourself. Sometimes the player who wins is the one who is more mentally tough and more consistent in their play.”


Men’s Golf
Head Coach: Kevin King
First Match: March 15 at Salem Glen vs. Glenn and Reynolds
Team Strength: Depth of the team.
Team Motto: Play smart and make some birdies out there.
Pregame Ritual: Huddle up, get hyped up, give each other fist bumps.
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “Don’t get ahead of yourself, and just focus on the shot in front of you.”

Women’s Golf
Head Coach: Bill Walwick
First Match: March 15 vs Reynolds and Glenn at home
Team Strength: A fairly deep team with some good experience coupled with some newcomers
Team Motto: “Golf is fun”
Pregame Ritual: Listen to Sunday Best by Surfaces
Coach’s Words of Wisdom: “Have fun!”