What type of fall-lover are you?



What vibe do you give off during the fall season? Do you prefer carving haunting jack o’lanterns or watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?

Lillian Reid, Features Writer

Do you love the spooky vibes of Halloween? Do you appreciate the togetherness of Thanksgiving? Are you just bored and in need of something to do? You’ve come to the right place! Find out the vibe you give off during this autumn season below.

    1.  What’s your clothing style during the fall?
      a. Anything with earth tones (green, brown, dark red)
      b. Anything dark
      c. As long as I’m comfortable, I don’t care
      d. Ugly Christmas sweaters
    2. Which fall activity are you most excited for?
      a. Posting on Instagram — imagine the photoshoot opportunities
      b. Carving jack o’lanterns
      c. Baking pies and pastries
      d. Singing Christmas songs in October
    3.  Of these, what is your favorite seasonal food?
      a. Candy apples or anything pumpkin spice
      b. Candy everything
      c. Buttery mashed potatoes
      d. Sugar cake
    4.  What’s your favorite type of movie?
      a. Romantic comedy
      b. Horror/Slasher
      c. Charlie Brown franchise
      d. Anything on the Hallmark channel
    5.  Who do you like to spend time with most?
      a. Anyone and everyone
      b. Myself — I’m the most fun
      c. Friends
      d. Family
    6.  What’s your favorite month of fall?
      a. September
      b. October
      c. November
      d. December
    7.  What’s your favorite fall trend?
      a. Spooky Woods
      b. “Ghost” photoshoots
      c. Friendsgiving
      d. Tik Tok dances to Christmas songs
    8. What’s your favorite tradition?
      a. Apple picking
      b. Trick-or-treating
      c. Corn maze
      d. Redecorating for the next holiday
    9. What’s your favorite of the colors listed?
      a. Red
      b. Black
      c. Orange
      d. Green
    10. Which trait most closely matches your personality?
      a. Shy
      b. Bold
      c. Bubbly
      d. Aloof

If you said Mostly As: You love all parts of fall! Fall is your favorite season, and you’re so excited it’s finally here. You don’t care whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving or some time in between. So long as it’s autumn, you’re happy.
If you said Mostly Bs: Your favorite holiday is Halloween! Maybe it’s getting to hang out with friends all night. Maybe it’s the spooky feel of it all. Maybe it’s watching scary movies until 3 a.m. Whatever it is, you’re eagerly anticipating Halloween, and isn’t that the best part anyway?
If you said Mostly Cs: Your favorite part of fall is Thanksgiving! You love getting together with family and eating until you can’t anymore, only to promptly “fall” asleep right afterward. You just have to wait a little longer; it’s coming!
If you said Mostly Ds: You hate fall. You can’t wait for it to be over. Let’s be honest, you only took this quiz out of boredom, and you’re really here for Christmas. Fall is just one more obstacle to get through before what you’ve been waiting for all year. Go ahead and start the countdown (72 days left). Christmas will be here before you know it!