Love at first bite: Top drive-through fair foods

Connor Prisk, Features Writer

The Carolina Classic Fair is around again, but this time the only ride you’ll have is in your car. Although it’s not the same, the sweets and treats that we all look forward to every year will still be available. This list includes the returning fan favorites.
1. Funnel Cakes
The first noteworthy food is a classic and popular choice, Funnel Cakes! Although you might want to remember some napkins for this sugary dessert, you should definitely give it a try if you never have.
Even if you’re not a fan of the original, they are offering red velvet funnel cakes as well with cream cheese icing, which are both priced at $6.
2. Fried Desserts
Whether you find these to be weird or nice treats, the fried desserts are back and are here to stay. The list includes very enjoyable crisped fried pumpkin pie slices that bring the taste of fall, fried pecan pie slices that will melt in your mouth, golden brown deep fried cheesecake, and finally deep fried oreos that bring a mix of flavors with the sugary chocolate treat. All are $7 except for the oreos which are $5.
3. Mac ‘n Cheese
A very popular comfort food even if you’re not at a fair is the never disappointing mac ‘n cheese, and this time it comes with some extra bacon for the taste. Priced at $10; if you don’t like it like that; another option is the crack ‘n cheese which is mac n’ cheese with turkey BBQ, turkey cracklings and sauce for $11.
4. Corn Dogs and Hot Dogs
These are fair classics and are back this year once again. Regular corn dogs for $5, and footlong corn dogs for $7. A regular hot dog is also offered at $3, and a hot dog plate that includes a side of fries is $7 in case you feel like sharing!
5. Pizza
Next up is pizza. You can get everything from pepperoni to cheese, or maybe meat lovers or buffalo chicken. It’s all up to you! The prices for the pizzas are as follows: a normal pizza slice is $5, a specialty slice of pizza is $7, and a whole pizza is available for $40.
6. Beverages
Last but not least are the refreshing drinks you can get. They have a wide variety of smoothies including strawberry, lemonade, mango, pina colada, peach, and strawberry lemonade. A small cup for $7, a palm tree cup is $10, a martini cup is $13, and a pineapple cup is $12. In addition freshly squeezed lemonade will be available for $6, and regular bottled soda for $2.
The fair is Oct. 1-4 from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. for no cost upon entry. A suggested can food donation will be stationed at the entrance at Gate 9, off