10 Ways to cure your boredom in quarantine


Parker Ramey

Quarantine may have limited the events that you can attend and the things to do. However one social distancing activity available is watching a movie of your choice at the The Drive-In Theater at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds.

Connor Prisk, Features Writer

During this time where it’s hard to live like you normally would, have you found yourself stuck at home not really knowing what to do or feeling down? You might want to try some of these ideas.
1. Listen to a new podcast
Sometimes you just need to lay down and relax when you’re stressed out. What’s better to do than getting comfy while listening to a good podcast? Podcasts can go from telling exciting life stories to teaching people how to invest. There’s one for everyone! You can find these on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube, just search for what you want to hear!
2. Go hiking
Now this might seem controversial considering we’re still in lockdown, but trails are starting to open back up, allowing people to hike again. Hiking provides a nice view and an enjoyable walk with friends and family. It can also be a safe way to get exercise during these times, as long as you distance from others.. You could go to places like Watauga river or Trash Can Falls to have a nice swim!
3. Go to a drive-in movie
Do you miss going to the movies with your family and friends while in quarantine? Thanks to drive-in movies making a comeback, you can now do it safely. The Winston Fairgrounds are showing Grease, Shazam and Forrest Gump, during the weekends right now.
4. Keep a journal
If you’re ever bored, it’s always good to write down what you’re thinking! You can write whatever you want, so you don’t have to hold back your emotions. Simply write what’s happening in your life at the moment. Boredom is good for the imagination, and writing has been proven to help alleviate some stress. Also, your future family might enjoy reading about your past in the pandemic of 2020, so you better make it good!
5. Learn to cook something new
If you have never cooked before or are just downright awful at it, now is a great time to learn!Even if you have cooked before, try to cook something different and new, especially since you can’t really go out to restaurants. Now you can have a restaurant at home!
6. Have a daily exercise
It’s important to have a good routine in quarantine, and what’s better than exercise? It’ll help to get in a good workout schedule, whether that be daily or weekly. So get off the screen some, and start getting in shape.
7. Go to a fall festival
Within the coming months, there are going to be a lot of neat events to take part in, like the corn maze in Huntersville, or the antique fair in West Jefferson There are still things you can do this fall. Just make sure you wear a mask.
8. Plan a road trip
The best trip to go on right now is a road trip! It can be enjoyable and exciting to see all kinds of different things around the country without making contact with anyone. It’s safe and fun with family, friends or just by yourself! You could go see the Biltmore, or you could take a trip to Cape Hatteras Lighthouse or even Grandfather Mountain.
9. Learn a new language
I know it might sound boring at first, but it can actually be very rewarding if you ever wanted to go to a different country like Japan or France. All you have to do is find a way to learn easily using an app like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone. The best part is that you can learn at your own pace!
10. Spend time with family and friends
Last but not least, enjoy some quality time with your family and friends because they’ll probably need it too. Some things you could do together might be watching shows, playing video games, board games, or just a friendly game of hide and seek. The choice is yours!