Looking Presentable on Zoom: Lazy edition


Parker Ramey

Zoom is new to everyone and so are the outfits that come with it. The ideas for new looks are endless.

Parker Ramey, Features Writer

With school being virtual this quarter, everyone has an abundance of Zoom meetings. No matter how many times you tell yourself you “don’t care what you look like,” there is still a part of you that wants to be presentable. Even though no one is really paying attention to your small square on Zoom, here are four things you can do to make your life look a little more put together.
Business on the top, comfy on the bottom.

When in a Zoom meeting, your shirt is the only thing people can see, so why dress to impress from the waist down? Honestly, most students aren’t going to wear a button-up every day, but this also applies to not having to match your outfit. To all my teachers that actually get ready in the morning, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Wearing a nice shirt with sweatpants may seem silly, but at least you’re comfortable.
The front is all that matters.

Why get up an extra 10 minutes to do all of your hair when you can only do half? Unless you’re giving your Zoom class a 360° tour of your head, there is no reason you should have to do the back of your hair. Please still wash your whole head; this just applies to styling it.
Glasses make everyone look smarter.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but when someone puts glasses on, it makes them look 10 times smarter. I’m not saying you need to fake an eye doctor exam to get glasses as I did in middle school. Fake or blue light glasses work just fine. When you’re on Zoom, slip some glasses on, and boom, you’re Albert Einstein. This can also help with hiding how messed up your sleep schedule is by covering your dark circles.
Green screens fix everything.

If you’re like me, which hopefully you’re not, you don’t ever clean your room, and when you do, it gets messy the next day. Cleaning your room is very time consuming and boring, so instead just use the greenscreen effect. One minute you’re in your dirty room, and the next you’re in a fancy office somewhere in Canada.
Zoom is obviously not everyone’s favorite thing in the world, but you have to look on the upside: you can wear sweatpants every single day, and you never really have to leave your room. To all my lazy folks, it really is your year, even though everything else might not be going according to plans.