To be a star: quarantine life


Clara LaRue, Features Writer

With the coronavirus outbreak, came the onset of online chaos. Bored people all around the world are eager to make their mark by becoming an overnight sensation. With apps like TikTok, getting “famous” seems really simple. Even though there isn’t much rhyme or reason as to why certain videos get clout. TikTok celebrities are taking over and everyone wants to be a part of the trend. So how does one make it big online? Well, after spending an obscene amount of time on the app, I’ve noticed some important tips.
Have a theme: Everyone needs to come up with the basis of their profile. Whether you can crack a joke, dance, act or motivate, find something that sets you apart. Think of your favorite influencers and observe how they have set up their account.
Come up with good content: Once you’ve thought about the type of videos you want to create, start brainstorming. Use your style and do trends or work on original content. It’s important to be consistent and post often.
Post as much as possible: There has been abundant evidence from Tiktokers that the more you post, the better chance you have to get a hit. Some post multiple times a day. You never know when you’ll go viral.
Keep up with trends: Using popular sounds and trends will give you more opportunities to get on the for you page. Using the new trends while also adding your own twist will help you get more views and stay updated with the rest of the TikTok community.
Risk it for the biscuit: Making controversial videos that support what you believe in or posting something that you might have questioned can sometimes end up being the game-changer. Not being afraid to be different and unique is important when it comes to getting views.
Although you might want to get views and followers, the most important thing is to enjoy the app. Everyone seems to be making videos with all the time on their hands, so it’s easy to feel lost in the craziness of it all. However, it’s a good way to create something fun for people to watch and to have a good time.