Party of None: Winterguard championships cancelled due to COVID-19


Winterguard practices routine with flags. Currently their championship has been canceled. Picture Credits: Alex Westover

Jenna Jordan, Opinion Writer

For the second year in a row, West Forsyth had combined with Reagan to create the winterguard team. Throughout the season they had grown into a family of 15 instead of two rival schools. However, nothing could prepare them for the devastating news they were going to receive only one week before their championship show.
Winterguard is an indoor performing art wherein teams in the region compete with flags spinning and rifles blazing to be the best in their class. The winterguard team competes in a region sponsored and run by Carolina Winter Ensemble Association (CWEA). Only 10 days before the championship competition, coaches Brooke Gartley and Jeff Brown received word that because of the coronavirus the 2020 winterguard championships were canceled.
“Honestly, I cried. It felt like someone had punched me. I thought of having to tell my girls, and I knew how disappointed [they] would be. Just the thought of it broke my heart,” Gartley said.
“I felt sorry for the performers. They [worked] so hard all season to be the best they [could] be and to not show that to the public is very disheartening. [However,] I’m very proud of the performers who brought [my] vision to completion,” Brown said.
The abrupt end to the season was a shock to the whole team. They had been preparing their show, “Party of One”, for months to make a break for first at championships. Their hopes had been crushed.
“I was very sad that our season got cut short, especially considering I am a senior, and this was my last season. [However,] I am happy that I got to meet an amazing group of girls,” senior Kellina Martin said.
The same feelings were shared by the entire team: a blanket of sadness that it was over but gratitude for having the chance to be a part of something so special as well.
“I was really upset to hear that our season was over, but I was happy that I got the time I did with my team. Until next year!” sophomore Emily Phillips said.
“Losing my senior season was really awful, but I am beyond blessed to have met these amazing people,” said Reagan senior Erin Trowbridge, who lost the first part of her season due to injury.
However sad the end of the season was, the team was happy to end on a positive note with a first-place win at their final competition.