Coping with Quarantine: Students take advantage of free time

Keri Rhodes, News Writer

Boredom: a feeling that was once a rarity in the hectic lives of students is starting to become all too familiar. The spread of the coronavirus to and throughout North Carolina has led to families self-quarantining and avoiding the public as much as possible. With the cancellation of school and all extracurriculars, students are left to find ways to pass the time and fight the boredom, as most public places continue to close, and the emphasis on social distancing is becoming more and more prominent. While much about COVID-19 is still eerily unknown, students are working to find a silver lining with this extra time away from their daily routines. Most people are spending more time with their family, which could be a positive for some students.
“I exercise more regularly. While being able to focus on schoolwork at home is more challenging, I strive to do just as well as I would in school. I also have spent this time bonding with family, especially my brother who’s been away at college,” junior Ben Reid said.
Others have found time to indulge in the activities they would have otherwise never had time for.
“I have been playing a lot of lacrosse for a chance to get out of the house, and I have been binge-watching Gossip Girl. Great show by the way!” freshman Caleigh Sipprell said.
“I’ve gone outside and just tanned in the sun because the weather has been very nice. It is also a good time to catch up on my sleep cycle. I also enjoy spending time with my family,” junior Kai Cornatzer said.
“I have been trying to stay on task with my work, but I’ve also been relaxing. I’ve watched some movies and jammed to some music!” sophomore Sarah Smith said.
“I’ve tried to hang out with friends a little, but I have mostly just played video games,” freshman Fisher Mangus said.
“I’ve been working on art and painting a lot, being able to focus on bettering myself and being creative has helped me, and definitely cleaning a lot,” senior Audrey Gay said.
For some, the idea of social distancing doesn’t carry much importance.
“I’ve been dealing with the quarantine by doing the exact opposite of what I’m supposed to do. I’ve traveled to Lynchburg, Virginia, Cary and Raleigh. I have played disc golf and beach volleyball at Tanglewood as well,” senior Nghi Tran said.
Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that students, teachers and parents alike are experiencing history in the making. On the bright side, some much-needed free time has helped people to cope with the looming crisis. In the meantime students will continue to focus on online classes and making the most out of their time.