Best of the Worst: Movie theater food ranked


Alex Vargas, Online Editor

Movie theaters undeniably exploit people’s need to satisfy their hunger and thirst quickly by pricing most of their food at jaw-droppingly high prices and offering little to no standard for quality in it. However, even going into a movie knowing this, most consumers will still give in just to have the full movie experience. So I’ve ranked a few of their offerings to inform the public of the ones worthy of sacrificing their wallets on.

Disclaimer: These all refer to AMC prices and food.


Price: $6.09 (small), $8.09 (medium) and $9.09 (large)

Serving: They give you a big serving, with bags usually being filled to the very top

Taste: While there are multiple flavors available such as cheddar and caramel, I tried the classic butter variety. Needless to say, it tasted like popcorn. It was nothing out of the ordinary, which is a good thing in this case.

Bottom Line: A decent choice for those not looking to take any risks. You get what you asked for, even though the asking price may be a little high.

Score: 5/10


Price: $7.49 (cheese) and $7.69 (pepperoni)

Serving: A little on the smaller side at around 7 inches.

Taste: This one’s not great. It’s overwhelmingly cheesy which really drowns out the rest of the ingredients. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t hold a candle to any real pizza establishments.

Bottom Line: Don’t get the pizza. It’s not worth the price unless you enjoy consuming garbage. There are so many better options.

Score: 1/10


Price: $7.70

Serving: Nachos consists of two things: cheese and chips, and these aren’t lacking in either department. The customer receives a tray with both a cheese cup and a bonus salsa cup, giving them the freedom to try both. The rest of the tray is overflowing with bite-sized chips (great for avoiding any messes). This is truly an excellent example of how to portion out food.

Taste: Imagine visiting the Grand Canyon for the first time, landing the dream job you’ve always wanted or seeing the northern lights with your own eyes. None of these come close to rivaling the feeling you get when you try one of these bad boys. The cheese tastes great and is the perfect consistency between creamy and thick. The salsa is never too spicy or too sweet. The crispiness of the chips contrasts with both dipping options, creating harmony between the two.

Bottom Line: The nachos are a must for anyone willing to dip their feet into new waters.

Score: 10/10

Soft Drinks

Price: $5.29 (small), $5.59 (medium) and $6.20 (large)

Serving: While I recommend paying the extra $1 for the large as to avoid the possibility of having to get a refill in the middle of the movie you’re watching, you really can’t go wrong with

any of these. The drink machines are open to any customers, meaning they can get as many refills as they want.

Taste: Most drinks are a little watered-down as expected, but still passable.

Bottom Line: If not getting anything else food-wise at the movies, at least get a drink. You WILL get thirsty in the middle of the movie and let me tell you, those wimpy water-fountains next to the bathrooms won’t cut it.

Score: 6/10