12 Days of Christmas Songs


Kelly Kendall

It’s time for some of the merriest music of them all: holiday music! See which songs are student favorites.

Lillian Reid, Features Writer

As one ventures outside, it is impossible to ignore the chilly weather and holiday decorations already being displayed on the exteriors of houses. That only means one thing: it’s time to bring out the holiday bops. While some have been celebrating as early as October, it’s nearly indisputable that now is an acceptable time for all of the merry cheer and holiday memories. Christmas music (as well as all of the other winter festivities) is finally here to be appreciated. Here are some of the best holiday songs to enjoy, according to West Forsyth students:
12. Winter Wonderland: Winter Wonderland makes the cut at #12 as it discusses the merry atmosphere of December. One cannot help but picture all of the lovely holiday festivities whilst listening to it.
“It’s a very classic song, and it brings me a lot of nostalgia. It makes me just… happy,” senior Isabella Rinehart said.
11. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Although slower, it still maintains its title as a holiday classic. Also reminiscent of chilly, cozy nights with the family, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas conveys a warm feeling.
“I [like] the song ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ because I always listen to it with my family; it’s just special to us,” junior Mercedes Wilson said.
10. Carol of the Bells: Carol of the Bells is a time-honored song that one can be easy to forget. Even without lyrics, its lively bells perfectly capture the positive holiday mood.
“[Carol of the Bells is] so good!… It’s my favorite because the rhythm is nice and cheery, and the lyrics give the best Christmas feels, and I love it so much,” sophomore Dalton Nichols said as he began to emphatically sing the melody.
9. Charlie Brown Christmas: With an almost lullaby-like composition, Charlie Brown Christmas brings back childhood memories for generations. While the Charlie Brown franchise does cover other holidays, the Christmas episode has the most memorable soundtrack.
“I don’t know, [Charlie Brown Christmas is] just something me and my dad used to listen to on the radio. It just gets me into the feels,” senior Josh Rozelle said.
8. Last Christmas: ‘80s synthesizer comes in with a Wham!, making it a more memorable holiday piece. While this song has a bit sadder meaning, the melody justifies it as a complete bop.
“[My favorite holiday song is] Last Christmas! Me and my girlfriend went to go see a movie, and that song played, and I felt all warm inside,” senior CJ Smith said.
7. Sleigh Ride: This cheery tune excites the holiday spirit. Its onomatopoeias electrify the lighthearted melody of this song. Sleigh Ride fully embodies a nice, warm feeling.
“[Sleigh Ride] reminds me of Buddy the Elf, and it’s just a good song,” freshman Cate Etchason said.
6. Jingle Bell Rock: Easily recognized by all ages, this song encompasses the holiday spirit. Whether it’s recognized from hearing it on the radio surrounded by family, or as “the dance from Mean Girls,” everyone is sure to know Jingle Bell Rock.
“[My favorite holiday song is] Jingle Bell Rock because it’s an oldie and makes me [get into] the Christmas feels,” freshman Angela Kinsel said.
5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: With a cozy feeling of nostalgia, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a great song choice. Whether this song reminds people of their own youthful interjections of glee as children yell out, “[Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer had a very shiny nose]- like a lightbulb!” or family nights watching the movie(s), Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer takes many back to simpler times.
“It’s just catchy, and Rudolph’s a cutie,” junior Erica Chance said.
4. Feliz Navidad: Feliz Navidad is a marvelous example of cultural convergence as it combines Spanish and English. Children sing along, granting more attention to Spanish in America with a catchy melody to go along with it.
“My favorite song is Feliz Navidad because it’s catchy, and I’ve always loved humming it whenever I was a kid,” sophomore Madison Spangler said.
3. Jingle Bells: Covered by numerous artists, this song has become a holiday classic as it simply lifts spirits. Jingle Bells also brings back nostalgic memories as children sing parodies originating from the melody.
“[Jingle Bells] was the first song I can remember learning,” junior Bailey Courtney said.
2. White Christmas: It wouldn’t be Christmas without including Bing Crosby. White Christmas is a lovely, simple song about enjoying the wintertime and its accompanying festivities.
“My favorite Christmas song is probably White Christmas by Bing Crosby because his voice is so smooth, and it gives me the mental image of sitting next to a cute little fireplace and drinking hot cocoa,” junior Hannah Mangus said.
1. All I Want for Christmas is You: Written and sung by Mariah Carey, this is an obvious classic, even gaining the title as the most streamed holiday song on Spotify. Her iconic riffs travel all across the record, encompassing her sheer talent (making her career) and creating the most popular holiday song ever.
“[My favorite holiday song is] probably All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey because I like to belt it out and annoy my family, and it’s a cute song,” freshman Grace Mazzola said.