All Fun in Games: Wii Sports is for everyone

All Fun in Games: Wii Sports is for everyone

Alexys Hairston, Sports writer

Wii has changed the lives of many, providing entertainment and fun for families across the world. Not only providing leisure and relaxation, Wii Sports has a boat load of physical benefits for anyone trying to get a hefty at-home workout, while playing well known sports such as tennis, baseball, golf and more. Let’s dive into the immense benefits Wii Sports provides.

Ever needed a quick but heavily beneficial arm workout? Look no further than playing a match of tennis on Wii Sports. Not only do you get the option of playing with friends, but you will get the best arm workout there is. With the constant thrashing of your arm in order to get the ball over the tiny but impossible net and the rotation of the rotator cuff to serve, it’s this simple. If you’re not feeling the burn, you’re doing it all wrong.

Next up is the most frustrating sport on the game: bowling. This one will have your heart racing and your arms feeling the burn. Not only do you get to experience never being able to actually roll the ball down the alley without dropping it behind you, but you also get to have the audience jumping up and down behind you providing an ideal distraction Wii bowling is truly where it’s at. However, you are learning some of the most useful motor movements while playing this game. Research has shown that not only can this enhance your social life, but can also increase balance and coordination as well.

Whoever said golf is a gentleman’s game was very wrong. This game is for people of all ages and sizes. Capturing the unique feeling of wanting to throw the Wii remote across the room while playing this sport isn’t even possible. Wii Sports golf not only gives you the satisfaction of never being able to actually get the ball anywhere near the hole, it also gives you the ability to gain self-control which will be most needed when participating in any and all of these games.

Baseball is almost impossible to not be great at, unless you have terrible hand-eye coordination, which would be me, but that’s besides the point. It might seem like the easiest thing in the world, considering all your doing is swinging a bat, but it’s actually the complete opposite. Wii Sports baseball is probably the game that will give you the most benefits in such a short amount of time. Not only will you burn calories galore, but if you play it for long enough, you might start building some muscles in your arms. The best part of the game would be the tiny controller you’re expected to use while trying to hit a giant ball coming at your face. Sounds pretty easy right?

Last but certainly not least, boxing, which is by far my favorite activity on the whole game. You get to feel like you’re actually fighting someone, and the best part is the sound effects which are beyond realistic. You also build so much endurance and stamina playing it, so you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

Wii Sports is for everyone. You don’t need to be athletic or fit or even good at sports to play. The benefits are endless, and nothing compares to the outstanding at-home workout that provides for many, young or old.