Types of Tiktokers: Who is on your “For You” Page


Kelly Kendall

As TikTok takes over as the new social media craze, different types of users have emerged.

Clara LaRue, Features Writer

TikTok has taken over, and the race to be the best and have the most clout is just beginning. Along with the memes, jokes, inspirational messages, song mashups and meetups have come stereotypes. There is a wide range of people that make up the notorious platform. While some are aspiring musicians, comedians and artists, most are humorous and intend to be taken as a joke, so don’t take them too seriously.

  1. eBoys/eGirls: Probably the most familiar or well known of the TikTok community are eBoys or eGirls. The stereotypical eBoy would be found wearing skater clothes, nail polish, a middle part with a single dangly earring, and is known for being a “gamer boy” type. An eGirl is just the female version of an eBoy. They enjoy things that are aesthetically pleasing and crave attention from followers. Whether used as a positive or negative term, eBoys and eGirls take up most of the space on your “For You” page, so watch out. 
  2. VSCO girls/class of 2023: The class of 2023 has gained a lot of popularity since the start of TikTok, not just for being freshmen this year, but for the many VSCO girls in this class as well. These girls are known to own Hydro Flasks, puka shell necklaces, metal straws, oversized t-shirts, Nike shorts and Birkenstocks. They will always help you with editing your photos and taking all the artsy pictures for your Instagram. They will be found campaigning to save the turtles while repeating the phrases “sksksksk” as well as “and I oop” when they drop their adored Hydro Flasks. These girls are often very pretty and would love to share their scrunchies with you. 
  3. Soft boys/girls: These people are described as more gentle and groovier than your basic TikToker. They enjoy vibing out to dreamy playlists and picking wildflowers on the side of the road. A soft boy is known to be more sensitive and can be found wearing a sweater and beanie, with naturally fluffy hair. Surrounding themselves with a mellow atmosphere, soft boys are the TikTokers with the most aesthetically pleasing profile. Soft girls will be found wearing cute and trendy outfits, with hair clips or headbands, and necklaces as their accessories. They enjoy wearing pastel colors, mom jeans and like to shop at Brandy Melville. 
  4. Clout chaser: These are the people who are on TikTok just for fame and to get likes. You probably know a clout chaser. Their content is mediocre, but they try super hard to get on the “For You” page. Clout chasers do anything and everything they can to have followers and likes. To gain popularity, they will go above and beyond. The hashtags #foryou and #fyp can be found all over their profile. With the captions “better not flop” or “if this doesn’t go viral, I don’t know what will,” they hope and pray that the TikTok gods will help them get famous. 
  5. Horse girls: With their “I love my thoroughbred” t-shirt and long braided hair with a middle part, horse girls can be found galloping to their classes and talking about how they have competition on the weekends. You will not see a horse girl at any after school activities, because she spends all her free time at the barn. In class, a horse girl will be busy sketching horses and trying to decide which one she would be if she could be one. They love to wear denim pants and like to shop at the Gap. 

Now that you are educated on the basic types of TikTokers, feel free to download the app if you haven’t already. Whether you think its funny or not, I’m sure you will end up spending hours on end watching the endless “For You” page videos. Even if you downloaded it as a joke, be prepared to get sucked into the chaos called TikTok.