Girls’ volleyball team makes plans to #DigDeep this season


Ben Radspinner

Brenna Weyant steps up to make a serve. The girls’ varsity volleyball team had made big moves this season.

Emily Moosbrugger, Sports Writer

With a supportive coach, two new senior transfers from Reagan, genuine camaraderie and high hopes for the future, the 2019 volleyball team is all set to #DigDeep.    

“This season I expect all players to train and perform with a high level of discipline and focus,” coach Lauren Gillon said. “We talk about this every practice. My goal is that they find success in taking time and focusing on the little things about our game to refine the big picture. The details are always the most important.  

Gillon added that the team also has very strong leadership from four seniors, as well as a high level of volleyball IQ from all players.  

“Our bench is very deep. If one player is having an off day, sick or hurt we have a plethora of options. Our height and athleticism is at an all-time high. This is the most athletic team I’ve had in my 10 years coaching.” 

Senior Jacque Weber takes on the role of captain in her second year of being on the team.  

“As a captain I think the most necessary skill that I have to use is to keep the team cohesive and motivate them to put forth 100% effort even when they may not feel like it. There’s so many different personalities and ideas on this team that it’s especially important for me to be able to listen to each one and communicate any struggles, solutions, and ideas to my team,” Weber said. 

This season, the team has welcomed two new players this year: Taryn Pryce and Brenna Weyant, senior transfers from Reagan. Both girls transferred due to convenience and to work out their schedules.                                                                                                                   

“I think this year we can win conference and make a run in the playoffs,” Pryce saidIf we continue to improve, I think we can achieve these goals as long as we stay consistent and play at our best every match.” 

The transfers have made good impressions on the rest of the team. “I definitely think they’ve helped the team a lot and have helped us grow as a team and helped me grow as a person,” junior Kennedy Hairston said.                                                                                                                

 The girls all get along regardless of age. Whether it’s with their team motto, “dig deep” or their pregame ritual of smacking the Jay-Z poster in the locker room, they are always there to support each other.

“What I like most about playing for West is how accepting everyone has been and how supportive they are,” Weyant said. “After just a few weeks, I feel like I’ve known these girls for forever. 

Weyant added that she loves her new team and the convenience of West. With West only five minutes away, it gives me much more time to complete everything. 

“For this team to be successful this season they will just need to remain focused on the task at hand,” coach Gillon said. “Take it one game at a time, minimizing errors and keeping a high level of communication and energy.”