Students Say What: What class are you most excited about?


Lexy Hairston

Duncan Memory teaches a lesson to one of his English classes. Students are excited for a variety of classes this school year.

Keri Rhodes, News Writer

From new supplies to new teachers, the back to school season facilitates lots of changes. While returning to school is not always the most fun, there are certain aspects that students can look forward to. One of them is new classes.

“I think my favorite is going to be dance because it is a creative outlet,” senior Jonathan Bellanger said. 

“I’m most excited for AP Biology because it is going to really challenge me, so it won’t be boring,” junior Colton Prpich said. 

“Earth and Environmental because of Mrs. Chavez. She is really nice,” junior Jaylen James said. 

“The class I’m looking forward to the most is sociology because we have a new teacher, and it’s really fun to get to learn about the cultures in our environment,” senior Adriana Dozier said.