Photo Album: A look inside the Titan Tailgate


Ben Radspinner

The Titan struts his stuff at the Titan Tailgate on Sept. 6. The Tailgates give the opportunity for fellow titans to come together and celebrate West.

Ben Radspinner, Photographer

The cheer team performs at the Titan Tailgate. The excitement was building among the students.
The dance team makes a great show at a tailgate. They’re only one of the many great athletic teams West had to offer!
The drums beat as the celebration continues. The West Forsyth drum line played several rhythms that night with accompanying dances and chants from the cheerleaders.
A future Titan claims her territory under a playground parachute. The tailgate not only had activities for students but their younger siblings too.
Two Titans participate in face painting. Face painting was one of the many activities sponsored by clubs at the tailgate.
This close-up shot features the work of clubs doing face-painting at the tailgate. This Titan is showing off her spirit before the game.
Two students prepare food to be sold. The tailgate not only had fun activities, but yummy snacks too.
A group of students pose for a picture amidst their time doing face painting for tailgate-goers. This club and more worked to raise funds for their respective activities at the Titan Tailgate.