Catching Looks on the First Day


Lexy Hairston

For the first day of school students dress both relaxed and nice. Everyone showed a little bit of their personality on that fateful day.

Clara LaRue, Features Writer

Regarding first day outfits, students wear all kinds of different looks. Some think that the first day is all about first impressions, so they do everything they can to make it a good one. Others wake up, grab a granola bar and leave without even changing their shirt. Whether you dress to impress, or just roll out of bed; everyone has a different style and unique way to prepare for the first day of school.

Lexy Hairston
Two students show off their outfits for the first day of school.

Type A students will set five different alarms, wake up two hours before they have to leave, eat a substantial meal before school, make their bed and leave with plenty of time to grab a coffee. They do all this while also managing to iron their outfit (which they had sitting out a week in advance), wash their hair and walk through the breezeway like it’s their own personal red carpet. However, type B, the laid back individuals, will set their alarm with thirty minutes to brush their teeth, throw on a sweatshirt and shorts, then head to school with only a moment to spare. Why wear your best outfit on the first day anyway? You’re setting the bar too high for yourself, right! The last style is a half and half approach. This student would decide to sleep in but still take the time to do their hair and makeup; they want to look decent but not like they tried too hard.

Whatever style you take on during the school year, remember that one thing that you should always try to wear is a smile. Seek positivity this year and do your best to be kind. Maybe tell someone that their outfit is the bomb or compliment their hair. As good ol’ Abe Lincoln said, “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”