The First Week of School: Expectations vs. Reality


Kelly Kendall, Co-Editor in Chief

1. Seeing your friends again

Expectation: You walk into the cafeteria, there smiling back at you is your group of friends in your usual hangout place. 

Reality: You walk into the cafeteria, but alas! A gaggle of freshmen has taken over your spot and your friends are nowhere in sight. Where could they possibly have gone? After a brief moment of panic and pretending to be using your phone, you find your crew. 

2. New Classes

Expectation: It’ll be a pretty chill week, all we’re doing is going over syllabi, right?

Reality: Wrong! Eight papers, six worksheets, three lab reports, and one project later, it’s finally the weekend.

3. Class Changes

Expectations: How could anyone get anywhere in five minutes!? The breezeway is crowded and you have to get from the 1000 building to the 700 building!

Reality: You have plenty of time, five minutes is more than enough time to get where you’re going, just find your routes and slow your roll.

4. Outdoor Campus 

Expectation: A breath of fresh air between classes, how nice!

Reality: In the summer by the time you get to class you’re sweating, in the winter you need a full-on parka, and when it rains, beware the floods.