Five Ways to Break the Awkward Silence


Kelly Kendall

We’ve all been there, it’s the first day of school and the silence in the classroom is simply unbearable!

Parker Ramey, Writer

You walk into a class, look around and see no one you know. We have all been in this situation, so I made this list to help you find something to talk about with the random person sitting next to you.

1. Give the person you’re talking to a compliment.

Everyone wants to talk about themselves, so if you’re ever in doubt about what to talk about it’s always the best option. Also they’ll probably go on about where they got their shirt or how their eyes turn color in the sunlight or something stupid about the compliment you gave.


2. Say something about school. 

Trust me, I know you don’t want to talk about the paper you have due Monday and are procrastinating on doing, but if you have nothing else to talk about,  go for it.


3.Make a joke 

One of the best ways to break silence is to make a joke. Try and make it relevant to the situation you’re in so they don’t think you’re just weird. Oh, and if you aren’t funny just skip over this one and spare them the fake laughing.


4.Ask for help 

If you’re in class, you can ask someone for the answer to a question even though you’ve been casually looking on their paper the whole class. If you’re not in class, ask them for help on something random that you will never follow up with.


5.Complain about something 

You can talk about how you’re tired and they’ll agree because no one wakes up perfectly rested. You can complain about school or homework if you want to talk about school for some reason. Overall people love to complain, so go for it.