Worth the Money? Do People Still like Super Bowl Commercials?



Super Bowl Commercials

Dalton Smith, Features Writer

Ever since companies first started airing commercials during the Super Bowl, they have become arguably as important as the game itself. Over time, companies that make these commercials have taken this opportunity to make their ads both entertaining and persuasive for their products. This year’s Super Bowl was also the most expensive for companies with a $5 million price tag per 30 second slot. This raises the question, are Super Bowl commercials still a go-to crowd pleaser?

“The Super Bowl commercials weren’t as good this year because they weren’t as funny as they used to be,” sophomore Hunter Verge said.

Many people this year and the last few years all agree that year after year the quality as well as entertainment in Super Bowl commercials has drastically gone down. This could be because of the fact that the price to air the companies’ commercial has been raised to such a high price that they don’t have enough money to fund an incredible commercial.

“I think that Super Bowl commercials have gone downhill and they aren’t good at all,” freshman Ally Hodges said.

Super Bowl commercials used to be known for their creativity and ability to interest people. The commercials now are more focused on simply just advertising the product, cause or business, without all of extra pzazz that draws people’s attention.

“I don’t think the commercials are as good as they have been in years past; they’re just kind of boring now,” senior Kerry Eagleston said.

This fall in interest in Super Bowl commercial raises some questions about what the future of commercials will look like. Will all of this negativity drive them to focus more on the quality of the commercials? Will companies decide to stop putting so much money into a Super Bowl commercial that there’s a chance will be hated? Will the Super Bowl lower the cost so that more companies will invest? All that we can do now is wait and see what the future holds for Super Bowl commercials.