Generation Z has zero patience

When you think of Generation Z, what do you think of? Our hard working attitude? Our crazy fashion trends? Or do you think of the tragic flaw in our personalities: our impatience? You may not want to believe it but Gen Z has been raised on instant gratification. This is all thanks to our phones and fast-paced lives.

A great example of our generation’s impatience today is the rise in streaming services. Up until the last decade, entertainment was provided on a schedule. You had to wait a week to see the next episode of your favorite show or a few months for a new season. Now younger generations can watch every season of Friends within the span of a couple weeks if they want to. With so many streaming services available, you will always be able to find the show you’re looking for. Can’t find a movie on Netflix? Chances are it’s on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO or iTunes. Everybody is cable cutting and it’s teaching us that not having to wait for the programming you want is okay. Think about Saturday morning cartoons, they started off lasting a few hours every Saturday morning. Then they became a few hours longer. Then there started being dedicated cartoon television networks. Keep in mind the ones watching cartoons are kids, and it’s rewiring their brain to be more impatient because of the constant stream of entertainment.

The streaming services are just a symptom of a greater issue: the Internet. Have a question? Simply type it into Google and receive an immediate answer. Want some food? Order it on your phone and it’ll be at your door within 15 minutes. This type of ebb and flow in our generation creates a buildup of impatience and annoyance. Every time you see “loading” or “redirecting” you become immediately upset. The average person will only wait six seconds on a loading screen before giving up. This need for instant gratification is very unhealthy. It creates bad habits in everyday activities and puts you in a worse mood for the rest of the day.

Never fear though, Gen Z; there are ways to become more patient. Some studies indicate that the average person looks at their electronic devices every 6.5 minutes, and taking time away from this constant connectivity can be an eye-opener. Go out for a hike or take a drive through the city. Meditation can have numerous benefits and practicing patience can be one of them. Take ten minutes a day to sit and think. Download a meditation app to help you get started, there are many options available.

If you’ve managed to read this far without losing focus, good job; we’re impressed. There’s one important thing to take away from this though; you control your level of patience and it’s up to you to help yourself.