Students Say What: When should you start listening to Christmas music?


Kelly Kendall

When is it appropriate to start listening to Christmas music? Find out what students have to say about it!

Maggie Estes, News Writer

As the holiday season approaches, we’re all wondering when we can start shamelessly blasting the Spotify Christmas playlist on our way to school every morning. Many people say Christmas music before Thanksgiving is blasphemous, while others say you can listen to it whenever you get in the holiday spirit, and some just don’t care.
“The day after Thanksgiving or Dec. 1. Thanksgiving gets overshadowed by Christmas and it needs to have its own holiday,” senior Marissa Rush said.
“Not until after Thanksgiving and definitely don’t put decorations up because you can’t just ignore Thanksgiving,” junior Haley Sheppard said.
“Anytime. I listen to it all year,” freshman Luke Markle said.
“Whenever you want to be in the spirit, regardless of the time of year, listen to that Mariah Carey,” senior Kathryn Tarr said.
“Anytime is the best time. I’ve had Christmas music [playing] since August,” sophomore Hannah Hodousek said.
“I don’t really care. People make too much of a deal about nothing,” junior Matthew Hicks said.