Be Sweet this Season: Student Government Association sells holiday Candy Grams


Parker Ramey

Candy Grams are being sold in the cafeteria during all lunches. The table is easy to find with a large sign on front.

Parker Ramey, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The Winter season can be a lonely time, yet a candy cane with a message attached could brighten someone’s day. This is exactly what the Student Government Association intended when they decided to bring holiday Candy Grams to campus.
For just $1, a Candy Grams is a way to send a candy cane and note attached to someone special.
SGA is the organization responsible for starting this small gesture with a big impact.
“All profits from this project are going back to our students, particularly the ones who are really struggling, with parents who have lost jobs, are sick in the family or in crisis,” SGA Advisor, Sibela Pinochet said.
The families in need have already been identified and the profits from the Candy Grams will go directly back to our Titan family.
“This year we are going to help our home Titans first, normally we do this to help the community and other schools with children in need; this year we are starting at home,” Pinochet said.
This past year has been pretty difficult for most, so it was obvious to SGA this was the perfect year to present something positive.
“…It [Candy Grams] worked out very well this year because of the [school] theme of unity, this promotes goodwill and love among the student body,” Pinochet said.
Candy Grams may seem insignificant to some but to others it could be life changing for the holidays.
“Having that moment of getting one [Candy Gram] is such a good moment and it’s also the holiday season; it’s the best time of the year.” President of SGA, senior Madison Spangler said.
Candy Grams can put a sweet smile on someone’s face and contribute to a good cause at the same time.
“If I received a Candy Gram it would probably make my day; they make people feel so appreciated and it’s such a sweet thing to do for others,” senior Kate Saalweachter said.
The last day to pay it forward with a Candy Gram is Friday, Dec. 10. They are sold in the cafeteria lobby and will be delivered the following week, in first and third period classes. You “cane” make someone’s day sweeter, support your fellow Titans and send a Candy Gram to someone special.