Pumpkin spicing up your room


Clara LaRue

A cozy fall room is a necessity, especially during online school. There are many ways to give it this affect including candles and throw blankets.

Clara LaRue, Features Editor

As fall approaches and the weather gets cooler, a cozy room is a necessity, especially when nearly all of your time is spent in the same space. From online classes to resting and relaxing, having a comfortable yet stimulating atmosphere can help encourage you to get out of bed and onto your daily activities. There are so many affordable ways to make your bedroom feel as snug as a bug in a rug.
1. Blankets, throws, pillows, rugs: Not only do items like knitted blankets, throws, plush pillows and soft rugs make your room look cozier, but they are useful during the crispy fall weather. When buying pillows and blankets, sticking to only a few colors is beneficial, but incorporating bright colors will make your room more cheerful and fall-like. Places that are fairly affordable like Marshalls and T.J. Maxx have nice options for purchasing your fall decor. An autumn palette such as light yellows, splashes of red and burnt oranges will make your room feel autumn ready.
2. Scents: Good smells are mood lifters and will create a relaxed ambience in your room. From candles to room sprays, places like Bath and Body Works and Walmart sell sweet fall scents. Aromatherapy and diffusers also have positive effects on mental states. Diffusers can be found at most home department stores like Homegoods and even Target. Although diffusers can be on the pricey side, they are worth every penny. From peppermint to pine, scents are so important for the atmosphere of a room.
3. Wall art: Enhancing your walls with fun decorations will help you express yourself and make your room super cute. Between printing out pictures to hang on your wall to buying wall signs off of Etsy; you should fill your room with things that make you feel happy, to improve your mental state. Decorating should allow you to be creative and original, adorn it as you wish with your own paintings, mirrors or lots of colors and accents.
4. DIYs: Home improvement and DIYs are all the rage right now. Whether with a family member, friends or just on your own, it is super fun to get artistic and create your own room decor. If you ever need an idea of what to do, just check Pinterest (not sponsored) for do-it-yourself crafts. From painting art for your walls to knitting blankets for your bed to refurbishing thrifted furniture, making your own decor will make your room look great and you’ll have a blast doing it.
5. Lights: Lighting isn’t always boring. Fun LED lights are gaining traction thanks to TikTok and the popular creators who have them. They can provide an aesthetically pleasing look in your room. Fairy lights can also be hung up around your bed or wherever you want to allow for a sweet look. Another way to give your room some flare using lighting is through neon signs. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can get custom lights made off of Etsy or a simple shape from Target or Walmart. Either way, you can light up your life and improve the ambience of your room with some fresh bulbs.
Spicing up your room for fall can be so fun and enjoyable, and you’ll be grateful you did by third period once you’ve sat in the same room for a few hours. A light here and a cozy blanket there can make your room go from dull and boring to autumn perfection in a matter of minutes. Before you know it you’ll be eager to show off your improved space on Zoom!