A guide to supporting a cause and effecting change

Clara LaRue, Features Editor

A lot of times minors, high school students especially, will feel like they’re being constantly silenced and told that their opinions are irrelevant. With political parties constantly butting heads along with the pandemic and rise of social injustices, people are more divided now than ever, which is why we all need to speak up for what we believe in.
1. Research:
Study up on whatever you support. Always be able to back up your argument with facts. It’s also a good idea to read the news regularly to ensure that your justification is relevant. Just make sure the source is reliable.
2. Attend
protests that are in favor with your views: Once you have scrutinized both sides and examined all possible opinions on the subject, go to local gatherings that speak on the matter and meet people who have the same beliefs as you do. Large groups of people are extremely powerful in our democracy, so the best way to have an impact on the government is to rally together and create change. Always be safe and wear a mask though!
3. Donate:
Putting your money into a cause is also effective, whether it’s $1 or $100, it can make a difference. Even if you can’t go somewhere yourself, contributing to a trustworthy organization is the next best thing. There are lots of websites devoted to helping people find the perfect, safe places to donate to. Here’s a link to a website that shows you how to donate to nonprofits and charities from your city: https://greatnonprofits.org
4. Sign Petitions:
If attending protests and donating isn’t realistic for you, participating in online petitions is a good alternative. With just a name and a few other formalities, your signature will help an organization begin campaigning to support their cause.
5. Spread Awareness:
After doing everything possible to be of influence, promoting the organizations and campaigns that you were a part of will help circulate the message. A good way to do this is posting on social media about events or just by speaking to family and friends about the cause. It also will encourage others to speak out on issues that they support.
Being a part of something larger than yourself forces you to be selfless and put effort into helping others. The rewards you will feel from working to better the world by voicing your opinion is unmatched. So, decide what is important to you and get after it!