Students Say What: When is the ideal time to have Spring Break?


Kelly Kendall

Students have a wide range of opinions on the perfect time to have a for springtime.

Jackson Stanley, News Writer

“It should be in the first week of April so it doesn’t interfere with fourth quarter and we can have fourth quarter all the way through,” junior Jacob Palomares-Beckles said.

“It would be the first week in April because school is getting to be too much, I also think we should get two weeks off,” freshman McKenzie Blackburn said.

“I would say right after third quarter so people get a nice break in between third and fourth quarter,” freshman Spencer Browning said.

“Right as third quarter ends, it would be a perfect break leading into the last quarter,” senior Sean Staff said.

“I would say the first week of April is for sure the best time to have spring break,” sophomore Olivia Wiles said.

“I think they should keep it like this in the second week of April, I like it,” sophomore Jaylen James said.